1930s Stella Gambler


Located in Portland, OR


For your consideration a 1930s Stella Gambler in a Black finish with card decals! We’ve had a handful of Gamblers come through but this is our first big body long scale! This has the coveted Lead Belly scale length! 26.5″! It is currently tuned in C# standard!

Specs! This guitar is in good condition. It has several top cracks that have been repaired. It has a new bone nut and a new Rosewood bridge. Nickel plated brass 3 to a plate tuners. Bone nut with a 1-15/16″ width. The neck is likely made out of birch and has a depth of 1″ at the first fret and 1.5″ at the twelfth fret (V shape). Pearloid veneer fingerboard. Action measures 6/64″ straight across. Original 18 small frets. Birch body finished in black, several spots touched up. Card decals are in good condition. New rosewood bridge. Maple bridge plate patched and re-drilled. Comes with a non-original hard shell case. Weighs 4 pounds.

Such an extremely cool and rare guitar! Wonderful lower register, close to a cello! Great booming low end with nice round punchy treble. Covers many styles well but works especially well for darker haunting tunes! Pearloid fingerboard are always a shop favorite! The card decals are still in very good condition as well as it rosette! Super fun instrument just waiting to have songs written on it!


Year: 1930s

Model: Gambler

Serial: NA

Finish: Black

Case: Comes with a modern hard shell case.

Weight: 4 pounds.

Condition: This guitar is in good condition.

Modifications: It has a newer bone nut. The bridge has been replaced with a rosewood bridge. Several top cracks have been glued and cleated where needed. The finish has been touched up in several places. The guitar has been reglued where there was some separation from the back and side. Maple bridge plate patched and re-drilled.

Comments: Awesome long scale Gambler!