1977 Fender Princeton


Located in Portland, OR


For your consideration a 1977 Fender Princeton! First introduced in 1947 the Princeton was Fenders second tier amp essentially a souped up Champ! In 1961 they redesigned the amp to be more of a “junior” Deluxe! Since then it has been one of Fenders most popular amp because of it light weight and wonderful clean tones that can quickly become aggressive!

Specs! This amp is in good condition. 12 watts all tube. Original 10″ Oxford Speaker. Original Fender Labeled tubes! Built in tremolo. Knob lay out Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed and Intensity. Decent amount wear on the face plate around the knobs and a few nicks in the tolex.

These amps are absolutely money! Perfect amount of wattage to get a beautiful warm clean tone as well as a lush harmonically dense overdrive. Once you start to crank it or push it with a pedal it breaks up wonderfully with out needing to get ear bleeding loud. Classic tube Tremolo, doesn’t get better than that! At 26.4 pounds your gonna be thanking yourself for ditching the 65 pound Super Reverb! Plenty loud enough for most ensembles, super easy to mic for gigs with a sound system. Almost everyone is ditching the heavy, overly loud amps for these fantastic little Fender amps!


Year: 1977

Model: Princeton

Serial: A752892

Weight: 26.4 pounds.

Condition: This amp is in good condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Cant go wrong with a Princeton!