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A 1932 0-17 with Shade Top Mahogany finish.

How cool is this?  A 90-year-old "Shade Top" Martin!  We adore vintage all-Mahogany Martins for many reasons, but most of all because they sound so marvelous.  This one is no exception.   Combining warmth with clarity, this 90-year-old guitar is the perfect singer/songwriter vehicle.  

We recently sent this one to our friends at Portland Fretworks where they expertly repaired some cracks in the back, sides, and top.  They also glued some loose frets and repaired a small crack in the bridge.  The guitar is now totally ship shape and ready for action.

A guitar of this age naturally has a few repairs and/or replaced parts, but this guitar has held up very nicely.  We know the tuners were replaced.  We suspect the Bone nut and saddle may be newer.  It's also likely that the guitar has had a neck reset and/or re-fret at some point in its lifetime, though it has vintage-style bar frets.  It plays very well with nice action and is not in need of a neck reset at this point.  If you're interested in purchasing this guitar, please feel free to call us for more details and an in-hand description.


Replaced Nickel Grover Butterbean Tuners

1 3/4" Bone Nut

V-Shaped Mahogany Neck

Neck Depth .82" at First Fret and 1.25" at Twelfth Fret

20 Bar Frets in Excellent Condition

Rosewood Fingerboard with 16" Radius

Ebony Bridge with Bone Saddle

All Mahogany with Shade Top

Non-Original Hard Shell Case

Weight 3 lbs 2 oz

Serial Number 51703


Year : 1932
Model : 0-17
Finish : Mahogany Shade Top
Case : Non-Original Hard Shell Case
Weight : 3 lbs 2 oz
Condition : Very Good
Modifications : Replaced Tuners, Nut, and Saddle; Probable Neck Set and/or Re-Fret; Miscellaneous Repairs