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Up for sale is a stunning 1947 Gibson LG-2 block logo small bodied X-braced acoustic guitar in its original sunburst finish. One of the best sounding acoustics in the shop right now, hands down! Big sound and a familiar late 40s chunky neck profile. This guitar was dated to 1947 based off the neck profile, logo, pickguard, tuners, beautiful Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and lack of a FON which is common in 1946-1947. 

This example is free of any cracks major cracks with the exception of what appears to be a top crack located where your right arm would rest. There are no back or side cracks. The action is currently quite comfy with low action up and down the neck and string height measuring 3mm on the bass side and 2mm on the treble. The original saddle is fairly low and I would guess cannot be lowered further. The tuner buttons are all in good shape with the exception of the low E which is fragile.

We get a fair amount of LG1s, 2s, and 3s through the store and this is hands down one of the best. Pro setup in-house and comes complete with a vintage soft chip case.


Model : LG-2
Year : 1947
Modifications : None
Condition : Very Good
Weight : 3lbs. 13oz.
Case : Vintage Chip Case
Finish : Sunburst