Located in Portland



A 1956 Fender 5F1 Tweed Champ.

There are plenty of modern clones and Fender reissues which are worthy amps in their own right, but nothing sounds exactly like a vintage Tweed Champ except a vintage Tweed Champ.  This 1956 Tweed Champ is in good to very good vintage condition with normal wear and tear to the Tweed wrap which looks beautiful to us. 

5 watts from a single 6V6.  12AX7 preamp tube and 5Y3 rectifier tube.  Original "Permaflux" 6 inch speaker (Coded: 395606 = 6th week of 1956).  The output transformer and filter caps have been replaced and a 3-prong power cable added for safety and reliability.  Hard to go wrong with a Tweed Champ and this fine example will give you shivers when you crank it up and let it rip.  


Year : 1956
Model : 5F1 Champ
Finish : Tweed
Condition : Good
Modifications : Output Transformer Replaced; Filter Caps Replaced; 3-Prong Cord Added