Located in Seattle



Up for sale is a wonderful sounding 1956 Fender Tweed Princeton 5F2. This big box variant features a "FE" date stamp that dates to May of 1956, single era-correct Jensen P8R that is dated to 1961 with date code on the top of the magnet. The circuit is very original and only serviced as necessary for optimal functionality, retaining the original Triad transformers. The original yellow Astron capacitors are intact, with one modern CTS pot and one original Stackpole pot which dates to the 47th week of 1955. The original power supply caps are original and still functioning as intended, with just one new electrolytic cap in the preamp sleeved in the original Astron Minimite wrapper. A three-prong power cable has also been installed. Sounds fantastic and functions great.


Model : Tweed Princeton 5F2
Year : 1956
Modifications : See Description
Condition : Very Good
Finish : Tweed