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Up for sale is a sweet 1958 Harmony H-1310 Archtop in its original sunburst finish. This model features a full hollow archtop body, 25.5" scale length, 17 inch lower bout, chunky rounded neck profile, open gear tuners and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The guitar is tuned down a whole step and action on this guitar is medium / high measuring 5mm on the bass side and 4mm on the treble side at the 12th fret. To achieve lower action either a shorter bridge would be needed or a neck reset. String height aside this guitar is in great shape and comes complete with its original soft case and a photo of the original owner with the guitar, dated August 1959.


Model : H-1310 Archtop
Year : 1958
Modifications : None
Condition : Very Good
Weight : 4lbs. 12oz.
Case : Original Soft Case
Finish : Sunburst