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This mid-60s Melody Maker got a new finish somewhere along the line.  We're guessing you either love or hate the graphic design that looks like it came straight from the Miami Vice style book.  If you're a child of the 80s or you just like 80s style, this could definitely be the guitar for you. 

The hardware and electronics were also updated, including a pair of Curtis Novak MM-90 pickups.  MM-90s are modern P-90 style pickups that are drop-in replacements for standard Melody Maker pickups.  Vintage Melody Makers like this one have a super comfortable neck profile and excellent overall playability.  The only knock on these guitars are the pickups which most people find a bit weak.  No worries there now that you have the Novaks on board.  

Set up in-house by our esteemed Guitar Tech, this guitar is totally dialed in and sounds great.  Comes with a non-original hard case.


Grover Rotomatic Tuners

1 9/16" Corian Nut

Mahogany Neck with 24 3/4" Scale Length

22 Jumbo Frets (Re-Fret)

Rosewood Fingerboard with 12" Radius

Two Curtis Novak MM-90 Single Coil Pickups with Original Centralab 66 Pots

Badass Wraparound Bridge

Mahogany Body with '80s Miami Vice Graphic

Weight 6 lb 3 oz

Non-Original Wedge Hard Shell Case

No Serial Number


Year : 1960s
Model : Melody Maker
Finish : Miami Vice Graphic
Case : Non-Original Wedge Hard Shell Case
Weight : 6 lb 3 oz
Condition : Very Good