Located in Portland



A 1961 Fender Concert Amp in Brown Tolex.

Brown Panel Fender amps, as you may know, are the bridge between the Tweed era and the Black Panel era.  Gritty and powerful, these amps are ideal for guitarists who like gain.  Plenty of headroom to play clean, but why would you want to do that when you can turn it up and knock down some walls?  A really great sounding rock and roll amp.  Comes with a non-original cover and a 1-button footswitch.   

Wattage:  Approximately 40 Watts

Tubes:  2 X 5881, 4 X 7025; 2 X 12AX7

Speakers:  4 Original Oxford Speakers

Mods:  Filter Caps Replaced; 3-Prong Power Cable Conversion


Year : 1961
Model : Concert Amp
Finish : Brown Panel
Case : Non-Original Amp Cover
Condition : Very Good
Modifications : Filter Caps Replaced; 3-Prong Cable Conversion