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Up for sale is a stunning and early production 1970s Travis Bean TB-2000 in Natural. Of the 1,020 TB2000s produced by Travis Bean, this is serial number 51, a very low number built in the first year of the company. The consignor of this bass is the original owner, who special ordered it brand new from Travis Bean along with a TB1000 guitar that had the same wood combination and block inlays. The body style is different the other TB2000s, but it's original. Renowned guitar show exhibitor, collector, and Travis Bean expert, Pete Fung, provided us with additional pictures from Travis Bean of a similar body that was either used in a different build, or served as a prototype. This bass in good condition and has definitely been played. It's a machined neck, so there is no truss rod. The action is bit higher than we prefer and the saddles are almost bottomed out, but the neck is totally straight and it plays amazing up and down the fingerboard. Legendary and rare bass, even more rare with the block inlays and the special ordered body style.

WEIGHT:  11 lbs. 5 ozs.   


Model : TB-2000 Bass
Year : 1970
Modifications : None
Condition : Excellent
Weight : 11lbs. 5oz.
Case : Original Hard Case
Finish : Natural