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A 1971 Marshall JMP 1987T Model 1962 combo in Very Good condition.

Wow.  This super collectable Marshall combo will make all your sonic dreams come true.  It's a 50 watt Tremolo amp housed in a cabinet along with a pair of original Celestion Greenback speakers.  The cabinet has casters and comes with an after-market cover.  The amp is clearly dated not only by its components and construction but also by the original inspection label dated May 22, 1971.  

In Very Good condition.  The grill cloth is in very good shape with a nice amount of patina.  There is some modest wear on on the panels with some bends and dings but no breaks or missing sections.  The tolex is in very good shape with a few small dings, but no large rips or problems.  

There has been some work on the amp over the years.  Most of the original resistors are there, some were replaced with carbon comps (modern), and screen and grid resistors have been added which increase the stability and longevity of the tubes.  The original ground straps from pin 8 of the power tube sockets has been replaced with metal film for aiding in setting the bias. 

All the original caps are there with the exception of an OD Sprague in the doubler circuit and the first power supply filter cap.  At some point, the socket opening for V1 was enlarged and the socket was bolted to the edge, however this has cleaned up and replaced with a metal cover plate, the socket remounted.

The speakers are Celestion G12H Greenbacks which date from the same time as the amp.  Cones appear to be original and the speakers themselves are original to the amp and they sound great.

If you're a Marshall fan, you know what a gem this is.  Please call if you're interested in purchasing this amp and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Year : 1971
Model : JMP 1987T Model 1962
Condition : Very Good
Modifications : Some Resistors Replaced; Screen and Grid Resistors Added; Power Tube Ground Straps Upgraded; V1 Socket Repaired