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Up for sale is stellar USA made 1982 Dean ML Bass in its original Cherry Sunburst finish. This could be the raddest '80s bass we've ever had. Thank you, Dean Zelinsky, for making a bass version of the classic guitar shape. Very rare, this one is in amazing condition. Oh, it's been played and there is evidence of pick marks and there are a couple tiny nicks here and there, but for being 40 years old, it's indeed amazing. Historically, others have been listed at various prices, this one might be the cleanest. Neck, truss rod, bridge, pickups and electronics...all are in perfect working condition and the frets are clean with nearly full life. Original case included. Weight: 9lbs. 4oz.



Model : ML Bass
Year : 1982
Modifications : None
Condition : Excellent
Weight : 9lbs. 4oz.
Case : Original Hard Case
Finish : Cherry Sunburst