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For your consideration a 2018 Collings 360 LT M with a Black Satin finish! Couldn't tell you why metal engraving is so cool but we just love seeing that Collings logo on the Mastery vibrato! If your unfamiliar Mastery produces some of the best hardware in the game! Their Bridge is no joke! And truly revolutionary! The Vibrato system is also nothing to scoff! A huge improvement to your standard Jazzmaster style vibrato!

This particular 360 LT M is a wonderful departure from Collings standard classic appointments. Wonderful Black satin finish! Comfortable to the touch and gives it cool mat aesthetic! Love the red knobs, switch tip and truss rod cover! Cant go wrong with a set of T.V. Jones Filtertrons! Wonderful weight! "Like New" condition frets. Love an ebony fingerboard! Its the quality few achieve but Collings flawless executes!


This guitar is all original, in excellent condition and comes with its original hard shell case + paper work. Two small dents on the back of the neck or it would be listed as Mint.

1-11/16" nut width. 24-7/8" scale length. Maple neck with a depth of .86" (1st fret) and .99" (12th fret). Ebony fingerboard with a 12" radius. 22 medium large frets in "Like New" condition.

Alder body with a Black satin finish. Original red knobs, switch tip and truss rode cover. Original set of T.V. Jones Filtertrons with original wiring. Mastery bridge. Collings engraved Mastery Offset vibrato system.

Weighs 7 pounds and 9 ounces.

From Collings:

360 LT M

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Mastery for our latest incarnation of our offset 360 body, pairing their remarkable offset bridge and vibrato with a solid ash (or alder) body and maple neck. While firmly grounded in the iconic sounds of the offset guitar world, we've integrated a set neck and short scale length into the formula, delivering a resonance and feel that is distinctly Collings. It should come as no surprise that our

longtime partners-in-tone, Lollar Pickups, offers a pickup that perfectly complements the response and range of the 360 LT M. Their custom alnico pole piece soapbar P90s provide the husky tone we had envisioned, but with the perfect amount of punch and clarity to enhance its vast stylistic abilities.