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Freshly set up in-house by our esteemed Guitar Tech, this R9 Les Paul is totally dialed in and ready to join you at your next gig, whether that's a local club or a festival main stage.  The guitar was skillfully and artfully reengineered by Historic Makeovers, a company that specializes in guitar refinishing, upgrades, and restoration.  This Les Paul received the "Historic Makeovers Deluxe" package which includes a recontoured top, new headstock overlay, new binding, ThroBak PAF-Style pickups, a total refinish using proprietary aging techniques, and other historical modifications.  Comes with receipts from Historic Makeovers which detail the work performed.  It's positively amazing.  This Les Paul is in Excellent condition with factory aged parts and finish.  Comes with original hard shell case and its original shipping box.  This is a very special guitar.  See below for more details and specifications.


At Historic Makeovers®, we take pride in using the same techniques and methods as Gibson in the mid to late 1950’s heyday of the Les Paul Sunburst. Each and every guitar that leaves our shop is hand worked and finished using materials from a bygone era of the guitar industry. 

What started as refinishing and aging Historic Les Pauls has evolved after nearly a decade in business. We have developed and refined our Makeover process to achieve the most authentic, vintage correct results for your guitar. Read on to learn how each step in the process takes your Historic or Reissue Les Paul closer to vintage spec.

Top Carve:  We adjust the contour of the maple top, referencing templates taken from a real ’59 Les Paul. The result is a carved top with softer lines and a more vintage look.

Neck Profile:  The dimensions for our 50’s neck profile were taken from a real vintage Burst; in addition to the softer vintage correct taper, we remove the shoulders to form a more comfortable C shape neck.

Neck Reset:  Historic Les Pauls from model year 2012 and earlier use Franklin style white glue for the neck joint. We remove the neck using a steam system and clean the old glue from the pocket. Then we reset the neck using old school hot hide glue.

Fingerboard:  The look, feel, and sound of Brazilian Rosewood are essential to the character of vintage guitars. We replace the Indian Rosewood Gibson uses for their Historic fingerboards with finest quality Brazilian Rosewood blanks. 

Inlays:  We commissioned Mazzucchelli in Italy to custom fabricate actual cellulose nitrate sheets to the exact specs used by Gibson in the 1950’s. These sheets are custom laser cut to produce our exclusive vintage correct fingerboard inlay sets. Because these inlays are 100% vintage correct, they will shrink and darken in time, just like the originals.

Finish Checking:  Because of our specially formulated nitro, we can produce 100% authentic ‘cold checking’ that doesn’t just look real, but is real. When exposed to extreme temperatures, the air and moisture content in the wood causes it to expand and contract. This cracks the extremely thin and brittle layer of finish on the surface, resulting in the very fine ‘checking’ seen on almost all vintage instruments.

See Historic Makeovers website for more details about their process. 


Aged Kluson Deluxe Tuners

1 11/16" Nylon Nut

Mahogany Neck with 24 3/4" Scale Length

Neck Depth .83" at First Fret and .98" at Twelfth Fret

22 Jumbo Frets in Excellent Condition

Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard with Trapezoid Inlays and 12" Radius

ThroBak KZ-115 MXV PAF-Style Low Output Humbuckers

ABR-1 and Stoptail

Mahogany Body with Figured Maple Cap in Burst Finish

Weight 8 lb 4 oz

Original Hard Shell Case plus Shipping Box

Serial Number 98260


Year : 2018
Model : Custom "Historic Makeovers" R9 Les Paul
Finish : Flamed Maple Burst
Case : Original Hard Shell Case & Shipping Box
Weight : 8 lb 4 oz
Condition : Excellent