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Here's a remarkable sounding Grand Auditorium Taylor with their proprietary V-Class bracing.  V-Class guitar bracing controls the top’s flexibility and boosts volume evenly across the tonal spectrum, increases sustain, and improves the natural intonation of the instrument.  This is a gorgeous sounding guitar with looks to match.  In Excellent condition with light play wear.

Freshly set up in-house by our esteemed Guitar Tech, this Taylor is nicely dialed in and ready to join you onstage tonight.  Comes with original hard shell case.  Grab this V-Class Taylor while you can.


V-Class bracing is a groundbreaking new Taylor design — a new sonic “engine”— that transforms the way an acoustic guitar top vibrates to dramatically improve the sound. Developed by master guitar designer Andy Powers, it marks a bold departure from traditional X-bracing, producing notes that are louder, longer sustaining, and more in tune with each other. Discover the history and inspiration that brought us to this turning point in guitar design.

While traditional X-bracing has stood the test of time for over 100 years, it creates an inherent trade-off between two key elements of an acoustic guitar’s sound: volume and sustain. A guitar’s top (the soundboard) contributes to both. Volume comes from the flexibility of the top, while sustain comes from stiffness. The trade-off is that when you make something stiffer, you reduce its flexibility, and vice versa. With an X-braced guitar top, increasing one comes at the expense of the other. V-Class bracing changes that. Now an acoustic guitar top can be both stiff and flexible in ways that produce more volume and sustain. And as it turns out, this innovative bracing design also improves the intonation of the guitar. Discover how we broke away from tradition and reinvented what the acoustic guitar can do.


Nickel Taylor Tuners

1 3/4" Black Tusq Nut

Mahogany Neck with 25.5" Scale Length

Neck Depth .84" at First Fret and 1.02" at Tenth Fret

20 Medium in Excellent Condition

Bound Ebony Fingerboard with 15" Radius

Taylor Expression II Internal Pickup System

Ebony Bridge with Tusq Saddle

Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood Back & Sides in Natural Finish

Weight 4 lb 13 oz

Original Hard Shell Case

Serial Number 1106179007


Year : 2019
Model : 714CE V Class
Finish : Natural
Case : Original Hard Shell Case
Weight : 4 lb 13 oz
Condition : Excellent