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Freshly set up in-house by our esteemed Guitar Tech, this Ronin Foilbucker is dialed in and ready to go.  In Very Good used condition with normal wear and tear, including dings, scratches, a bit finish loss (real or relic, we're not sure), and general signs of having been played.  Comes with a deluxe Reunion Blues gig bag.  

It's rare to see an electric guitar made from Old Growth Redwood, but if you believe tone wood matters, it makes total sense.  But few makers are willing to devote such premium wood for anything other than a high-end acoustic guitar.  Not Ronin.  They use the most premium woods in all their electric guitars.  We think that's awesome.

The second thing of note about this guitar are the custom Foilbucker pickups.  They have a sound that is positively captivating and which will inspire you to find new tones and dynamics for your own personal style.  Money isn't this measure of all things, but it's worth noting that Ronin sells individual Foilbucker pickups for $400 on their website.  They're that special.

Dive into the Ronin world with this very unique Strat-Style guitar and you may find depths of creativity you never knew you had.  Just saying.  This is one very cool and inspring instrument.


Our respect for the majestic and magical redwood tree is the foundation for our philosophy of guitar making. The Sequoia Semperviren, or coastal redwood tree, is the oldest living tree in the world and, to our ear, is unmatched in its sonic qualities. We proudly keep and maintain 13 acres of redwood trees under a TPZ (Timber Protection Zone) which protects the trees from loggers and poachers. Our family has been salvaging musical-grade old growth redwood for decades, and nearly every Ronin instrument has been crafted from our cache of tone wood.


I love my Ronins. The sound, craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb.” -- Keith Urban

“The Ronins have showcased a whole new dimension of my amplifier designs. My Mirari sounds like nothing else in the world.” -- Chris Benson of Benson Amps

“I love that their guitars all have their own voice, rather than trying to be something that has gone before, the way 99% of all other guitars are.” -- David Hunter, Guitarist, Writer, and Gear Authority

“Over the years I have been lucky to play and learn the subtleties of all sorts of different guitars, so when a line of boutique guitars comes along that gains my attention I’m always excited to hear and explore. The Ronin Mirari and Morningstar are two of the most beautiful guitars I’ve come to know. Their build, tone and pickups are second to none I’ve been playing them everyday since I got them—I love them. I feel lucky to have finally found these exquisite instruments." -- John Shanks, Guitarist, Writer and Producer for Bon Jovi and Van Halen


Hipshot Tuners

1 11/16" Bone Nut

Maple Neck with 25.5" Scale Length

Neck Depth .88" at First Fret and .94" at Twelfth Fret

21 Medium Tall Frets in Excellent Condition

Rosewood Fingerboard with Dot Inlays and 10" Radius

Ronin Foilbucker Pickups with Individual Buttoins for Coil Tapping

MannMade Vibrato Tailpiece

Old Growth Redwood Body with Metallic Gold Sunburst

Weight 6 lb 15 oz

Deluxe Reunion Blues Gig Bag

No Serial


We want you to be happy with your purchase and we try to represent the condition of all used and vintage products as accurately as possible in our listings.  Every used guitar shows some signs of play wear and vintage models even more so.  We call out all areas of damage or unusual wear, and describe the overall condition based upon what is "normal" for the age of the instrument.  Expect to see minor dings, finish checking, or other evidence of normal use and aging which may not be captured by photography or explicitly mentioned in the listing. 

We recognize that everyone has their own personal standard of what constitutes acceptable wear and tear.  If play wear is especially critical for you, please contact us at the Shop for a complete in-hand description and to answer any questions you may have.  Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.   


Year : 2020
Model : Foilbucker Type-S
Finish : Metallic Gold Sunburst
Case : Deluxe Reunion Blues Gig Bag
Weight : 6 lb 15 oz
Condition : Very Good