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For your consideration, we have a 2021 Fender Custom Shop Wildwood 10 Postmodern Stratocaster in a closet-classic aged black finish. 

This guitar comes complete with an embroidered hardshell case, certificate of authorization, case candy, and a professional in-house setup.

From Wildwood:

"The Postmodern Stratocaster is incredibly popular here at Wildwood, and for good reason! The beauty of the Postmodern Stratocaster is that it isn’t necessarily tied to a particular year, era, or moment in time. Rather, it collects and synthesizes the vibe of some of the greatest Stratocasters of all time.

Due to this model’s wild popularity and unprecedented demand, Wildwood has teamed up with the Fender Custom Shop to create a Wildwood 10 iteration of this incredible instrument. It is thoroughly modern, but it is also a culmination of six decades of “Fender firsts.”

The Wildwood 10 Postmodern Stratocaster has an alder body with a comfortably deep cutaway heel. Speaking of comfort, it also has a maple neck with a finely sculpted '59 Large C profile, a signature Wildwood 10″ radius fingerboard, and narrow-tall 6105 frets. And, it makes a joyous noise with hand-wound pickups wound to Wildwood Specification."

Other specifications:

Nickel vintage-style tuners

Bone nut with a width of 1.65"

25.5" scale maple neck with a depth measuring from .86" (1st fret) to .98" (12th fret)

Back of the neck is unfinished from the 2nd to the 12th fret

Rosewood fingerboard with string action measuring 4/64" straight across

All 21 frets are in like-new condition

Alder body


Year : 2021
Model : Wildwood 10 Postmodern Stratocaster
Finish : Black
Case : Hardshell
Weight : 7lbs 7 oz
Condition : Excellent
Modifications : None