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A brand new Collings OM1JL Julian Lage Signature Model in Satin Sunburst finish. 

Just when we think Collings can't raise the bar any higher, they give us the Julian Lage Signature OM Model, a truly remarkable instrument modeled after Julian's favorite pre-war Martin 000-18.  This one has a custom satin lacquer Sunburst finish which really sets it apart from the crowd.  The peghead is adorned with an old-style Collings script logo created by Bill Collings when he started building guitars 30 years ago.  What a cool and distinctive touch.  Most importantly, this Collings plays like a dream and sounds heavenly, and we're proud to offer you a chance to own a true lifetime guitar.


When Bill Collings first met the brilliant young jazz musician Julian Lage, in 2014, the two began a series of in-depth conversations about their respective crafts. Lage's profound insights as a guitarist would play a key role in the creation of Collings’ T (Traditional) Series guitars. This rare collaboration, which continued right up until Bill’s passing, in July, 2017, has yielded another exceptional new guitar with an old soul. We are proud to present a highly personal extension of the T Series: the Julian Lage Signature OM1.

Though Lage’s guitar shares the same foundational specs as the OM1 T, it is unique in some key ways. Its neck feels like no other Collings guitar. That’s because it’s modeled after Lage’s cherished 1939 Martin 000-18. This pre-war gem is heard on the guitarist’s 2015 solo album, “World’s Fair,” and was his main touring acoustic for years.

The 000-18’s neck—which was of course originally hand-shaped and sanded—has a distinctive taper altered by decades of wear. For Lage, this particular neck had come to feel like home. Through careful analysis and digitization of its unique dimensions, we were able to precisely recreate its worn-in, asymmetric feel on his signature model. While we maintained the relatively narrow 1 11/16" nut of the 000-18's neck, we extended the fretboard from the original short scale to our standard 25 ½" length for slightly greater presence and note definition.

Lage has an affinity both tonally and aesthetically for vintage guitars whose finishes have mellowed after years of playing. To recreate this effect we initially considered a varnish, but to achieve the ideal combination of a thin finish application and a vintage aesthetic, we landed on a custom satin lacquer. This new finish offering not only feels and looks right to Lage, he finds it has the same inherent openness of tone that is present in the best pre-war instruments.

With his typical descriptive eloquence, Lage characterizes his signature model as a “lovingly neutral” guitar. It has a remarkably even response between registers. It’s not an empty flatterer, but an instrument that rewards you when you’re playing your best. In this way, Lage, whose own education is unending, sees the guitar as a teacher.


 Aged Nickel Waverly Tuners

1 11/16" Bone Nut

Custom Profile Mahogany Neck with 25.5" Scale Length

Neck Depth .83" at First Fret and .97" at Twelfth Fret

20 Medium Frets

Ebony Fingerboard with 14"-26" Compound Radius

Ebony Bridge with Bone Saddle

Sitka Spruce Top with Bound Mahogany Body

Satin Sunburst Finish

Weight 3 lbs 10 oz

Original Hard Shell Case

Serial Number 32747