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Up for sale is a New Gibson Custom Shop 1964 SG Standard Reissue Maestro Vibrola VOS in Cherry Red. We are an authorized Gibson dealer and this instrument comes with a full manufacturer warrant and pro setup in house by our tech. Weight: 7lbs. 3oz.


Regardless of the fact that George Harrison and Eric Clapton rocked a '64 SG Standard, that model year was clearly a standout for SGs in general. The clunky side-pull vibrato had been replaced by the dependable Maestro Vibrola. The neck profiles had increased in size, resembling the profile found on 1959 Les Pauls. And the balance, playability and look of the SG seemed to come into its own. For all those reasons, the Gibson Custom Shop is proud to present the newest member of the Historic Reissue family -- the 1964 SG Standard Reissue. Along with the Maestro Vibrola and chunky neck profile, it has all the hyper-accurate vintage specs one could possibly want -- original construction methods, a real red aniline dye finish, chemically-recreated plastics, replica electronics, and more. The result is perhaps the best looking, feeling and sounding SG Reissue yet. 


Model : 1964 SG Standard Reissue with Maestro Vibrola
Year : New
Modifications : None
Condition : New
Weight : 7lbs. 3oz.
Case : Original Hard Case
Finish : Cherry Red