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If you love vintage combos like the iconic Deluxe Reverb but worry about reliability and maintenance, here's an amp that will give you classic tone in a modern package.  Built using the finest possible components onto a turret board, and hand wired with cloth covered wire, the Milkman Creamer is a superior amp in every way.  Warm, responsive, and with creamy breakup at your fingertips.  Tube tremolo and spring reverb that sounds just like you want it.


Wattage:  18-22 Watts Class AB

Tubes:  6V6/6L6 Power Tubes

Speaker:   12” Large Ceramic Jupiter Speaker (8 ohm)

Built-In Effects:  Tube tremolo and spring reverb

Other:  Includes handwired original design detachable footswitch and 15' cable


I design amps based on my own experience and needs, and when it came time to design the Creamer, I wanted to find a balance between a perfectly voiced guitar tone with a fair amount of power and portability. Everyone loves low power vintage amplifiers, but sometimes I need a bit more power, reliability, and headroom on the gig. In studio, the Creamer is virtually silent when idle. It's the ultimate refinement and alternative to the vintage small format amplifier.

I wanted the Creamer to be very versatile so I included a cathode bias circuit so that the user can easily substitute 6L6 or 6V6 output tubes with no need to re-bias the output tubes. I have added a rear mounted switch to maintain an 8ohm speaker output regardless of which tube type used.

With 6V6 the Creamer puts out about 20 watts into 8ohms and has sweet breakup. Put a pair of 6L6s in, flip the switch on the rear panel and you get a bit of more low end, subtler mids, and a touch more headroom.

The tremolo circuit in the Creamer is unique and sounds outstanding. It is harmonically rich, deep, and has a very useful range of speed.

Jupiter Large Ceramic 12" is a transparent sounding speaker. Bright, Lively, and very efficient. Its got a great bottom end even at low volume. This speaker will not break up no matter how hard you push the amp.


Year : 2022
Model : Creamer Combo Large Ceramic
Finish : Blonde Tolex
Condition : Mint
Weight : 32 lbs