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Just in from our pals at Old Blood Noise Endeavors and in collaboration we present you  the Thunderer Road Guitars 10 Year Anniversary Exclusive Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain. Limited to only a handful of units this custom color pedal is downright awesome! Limited quantities, when they're gone they're gone

Black Fountain V3 features:

Tap tempo: set your tempo on the fly with two taps of a footswitch, and subdivide that tempo into quarter, eighth, or triplet notes
Hidden function: hold the Tap footswitch to momentarily maximize feedback, leading to a nearly sound-on-sound effect
Expression control: use an expressional pedal to control Time, Feedback, or both simultaneously
Expanded delay time: all the way down to around 30ms and up to around 1s
Modern, Organ, and Vintage mode give three different takes on the voice of the delay, and Fluid, Mix, Time, and Feedback knobs give control over the elements