Located in Seattle



Up for sale is a stunning sounding 2014 Savage Glas 30x 1x12 Combo amplifier. The Savage Glas 30x is a hand wired, point to point Class A 1x12 combo with 4 inputs—2 channels with high and low inputs each. These inputs can be jumpered for additional tone shaping options. The amp has a terrific reverb, and a very useful stage/studio switch that cuts power from 30w to 15w.

Tones range from Fender like cleans, to warm Vox AC 30 like lushness. Additionally, the touch sensitivity and rich harmonic undertones that can be had with this amp are unique, and extremely satisfying!

Sounds and functions great and comes with an aftermarket cover.


Model : Glas 30x 1x12 Combo
Year : 2014
Modifications : None
Condition : Excellent