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A used Caroline "The Blues" Expensive Amplifier pedal in Very Good condition. 


If you thought three knobs and the truth was easy, imagine two knobs and a
switch! The BLUES DOCTOR controls how much grit is in your signal. The BLUES
LAWYER asks how you like your “blues”: vintage, or modern vintage? And the
BLUES FINANCIAL PLANNER assesses the marketplace and decides how much
“blues” the audience can handle.

On the inside there is a small trimpot marked CRYSTAL LETTUCE that sets the
collector voltage of the BC108 transistor. This fine tunes the minimum gain and
maximum range of the device. We set it to a healthy balance of 7 volts, but you
may flavor it to taste.

Yes, we all know the best amplifiers for this style of music should cost more than the average working person’s automobile, but if you aren’t #blessed to own one of those, “The Blues” will deliver all the delicious artisanal mojo infusion vintage boutique hardwired bespoke sonic unobtanium you’ve ever been craving. On one mode the grit goes from minty well preserved black tolex to the warped particle board of a coveted pawnshop prize. On the other resides the crunchy, chewy sounds of that fraying tweed amp covered in drink glass stains and cigarette burns that the studio would never let you borrow cause they would never get it back. So even if you have led a life of relative splendor and comfort, what can you do when you’re having a ‘just my luck’ kind of day? You probably shouldn’t try to sing the blues, but you can certainly play “The Blues.” Your pedal was dreamed, designed, and wired by hand in our workshop in Columbia, S.C. Thank you for letting us do the crazy/silly/fun stuff like this.


Year : Used
Model : "The Blues" Expensive Amplifier Pedal
Condition : Very Good