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Up for sale is a lightly used de Lisle JDL35 Handwired Tube Guitar Amplifier.

The JDL35 was designed to capture the best tone of 60s British tube amps. Inspired by the JTM45, this amp boasts the most authentic current production output transformer available. The Mercury Magnetics Radiospares transformer was cloned from the earliest production JTM45s and, coupled with a pair of Genalex Gold Lion KT66s, conjures up some of the earlier sounds of classic rock.

For added versatility, this amp also features an Early / Late tonestack voicing switch that allows for more gain and mids. Split the cathodes and now you’re in late 60s Super Lead territory. A transparent post-phase inverter master volume along with the low power mode help to rein in the volume as needed.

But it’s not all grit and grind. The JDL35 holds true to the Fender Bassman roots, so there is plenty of fat, sparkling cleans to be had. It’s right at home with anything from rock to blues to country. Any style sounds great through the Weber Silver Bell Alnico speaker we use in the combo.

The JDL35 is expertly hand-wired using hand set gold-plated turrets and silver-plated Teflon coated wire. It is one of finest JTM45 inspired amplifiers available today. And like every de Lisle made product, it’s covered by our life-time warranty.

• 35W or 20W Power Modes
• 2 Channels
• Bass
• Middle
• Treble
• Loudness 1
• Loudness 2
• Post Phase-Inverter Master Volume
• Multi-Voice Tonestack Switch
• Shared / Split Cathode Switch
• Power / Standby Switch
• GZ34 Tube (1)
• 12AX7 Tube (3)
• KT66 Gold Lion (2)
• Individual Bias Adjustment Pots
• Carbon Composition Resistors
• Weber Alnico Silver Bell 12″ Speaker
• Period Correct Power Supply Filtering
• Mercury Magnetics 20H Choke
• Mercury Magnetics Radiospares Output Transformer
• Star Grounding
• Shielded Input/Grid Wiring
• DC Elevated Heater Supply
• Hand-Wired, Turret Board Construction
• Gold Plated Turrets
• Silver Plated Copper / TFE Teflon Wire
• Aluminum Chassis
• Dimensions: 20W x 18.75H x 10.5D, 45lbs
• Solid Pine Cabinet
• Black Levant Tolex
• “Bluesbreaker” Style Grillcloth
• Made in the USA


Model : JDL35 Handwired Tube Guitar Amplifier
Modifications : None
Condition : Excellent