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Up for sale is a lightly used Friedman Little Sister Head. Model info below:

The Friedman Little Sister head is a 20-watt, Brit-flavored amp that delivers heaps of classic-rock-inspired tones. Everything from 1960s-style sparkle to vintage crunch—as well as blues, country and alt-rock sounds—can be dialed in by simply adjusting the gain and master controls, S-Switch (determines gain structure) and B-Switch (bright/tight). The single-channel Little Sister’s front end handles stompboxes such as boosts, distortions and wahs with all the dynamic impact you want, while the transparent, series effects loop delivers reverbs, delays and rack processors with clear, pristine sound quality. The head is constructed to be road tough, but it also struts cool and sophisticated styling. Weighing just 22 lb. with a compact chassis (8.5" depth, 18" wide and 8.25" high), the Friedman Little Sister head provides comfy transport from parking lots to stages and rehearsal spaces.

Friedman Little Sister Head - 1 Channel - 20
Watt Head - EL84 Tubes - Series FX Loop -
Black Tolex - Silver/Black Grille - Silver
Piping (UPC#:763815133294)


Model : Little Sister Head
Modifications : None
Condition : Very Good