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A used Germino Lead 55 Amp Head in Excellent condition.  Purple tolex wrap.  Get your Plexi on with this great Germino amp.


An incredible sounding amplifier with all the classic late 60's and early 70's sounds. Goes from a slightly crunchy clean to a thick smooth lead tone with just a twist of the guitar's volume control. This is the sound of the famed 1968/69 plexi 1987 model at it's very best.

Component list is the same as our other products. Spot welded aluminum chassis, carbon film and NOS carbon comp resistors, Mil spec potentiometers,  F&T filter capacitors. Film/foil  "vintage mustard style" coupling caps all hand wired on turret board.


Year : Used
Model : Lead 55
Finish : Purple
Condition : Excellent