Located in Portland



A used Hiwatt Custom Little D head and WEM Starfinder cabinet in Excellent condition.  This Amp/Cab combination, created by Hiwatt, is based upon David Gilmour of Pink Floyd's custom rig but in a smaller package.   A flip of a switch takes the amp from 20 watts to 1/2 watt, so you can play a gig or get bedroom level tone that sounds just as good.  All UK-Made.  A really fantastic small rig that lives up to all the hype.

Power: 20/.5 Watt (Switchable) from 2x EL84 or 5881 Power Tubes

Speakers:  1x 12" Fane Speaker in WEM Cabinet


Year : Used
Model : Little D Head and WEM Starfinder Cab
Condition : Excellent