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Used Land + Vongon ONSET Auto Volume Swell Effect in Very Good condition.  No longer in production, but we have two used models while they last.


ONSET was a limited collaboration and is no longer in production. We have other exciting products coming, thank you for your interest!

ONSET is an auto volume swell effect with rise times ranging from 100 milliseconds to 2 seconds. Two sliders are used to control the detection circuit's sensitivity and the volume fade length. The LEDs indicate the status of the volume swell, smoothly fading from purple to yellow. The signal path is an all-analog high fidelity VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) that is controlled by a digitally generated exponential envelope for the volume swell. When bypassed, a mechanical relay-based true bypass circuit is activated by the soft-touch foot switch


Year : Used
Model : ONSET Auto Volume Swell Effect
Case : Original Box
Condition : Excellent