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For your consideration a 1955 Gibson GA-30 amp! 50s Gibson amps have long been underrated but people are starting to discover how great they are and we’re seeing prices continue to rise as a result. This model has a very interesting and unique combination of a 12" & 8" speakers! Great vintage cleans but really shines when you push it and get that wonderful tube saturation!

The GA-30 amp is from 1955 and is all-original. The amp is in very good to excellent condition minus some tarnish and losing the first digit of the model number on the badging. There are a few small spots of tolex staining and tearing, but very minimal. The amp is in good working order with no modifications. Dual 6V6 power tubes, three 12AX7s, and a 5Y3 rectifier tube. Original pair of Jensens, one 12 inch speaker and one 8 inch speaker, that are sounding great. Controls include Mic Volume, Instrument Volume, Tone, and Tone Expander Switch.