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Freshly set up in-house by our esteemed Guitar Tech, this Custom Shop DK24 is dialed in and ready to go.  Gorgeous Red Sparkle finish.  Great sounding Seymour Duncan pickup set.  Equipped with Tremol-No system for turning stability and improved sustain.  This is a fantastic guitar in every respect.  Made in the USA.  Comes with hard shell case.  See below for more details and specifications.


We build the very best of the top-line best for the world’s greatest artists, and also for you. Many of the talented craftsmen who founded the shop are still a part of our valued team, creating the epitome of Charvel style and performance.


The Tremol-No™ is a patented device that is added to an electric guitar equipped with a tremolo/vibrato unit. It allows guitarists to turn their tremolo unit "on" (so they can raise or lower the pitch of the note with the tremolo unit) or "off" (where the tremolo unit doesn't move at all; no lowering or raising of the note pitch via the tremolo system).

If you love your tremolo unit, but hate it when double-stops and other pedal steel-type licks don't come out in tune because of the trem, then the Tremol-No™ is the answer.
If you love the feel and/or tone of your favorite electric, but wish it was a hardtail (or 'dive-only') instead, then the Tremol-No™ is the answer.

When the Tremol-No™ is locked, you will not only increase sustain, but also expect an improvement in overall tone as well.  With a Tremol-No™ installed, you can now do all your favorite alternate tunings on guitars you previously couldn't. Yes- even those with full floating trems.  Last, but certainly not least, is in the event of a string break if your Tremol-No™ and/or Deep-C™ are locked, you'll remain in tune.


Schaller Tuners

1 11/16" Bone Nut

Quartersawn Maple Neck with 25.5" Scale Length

Neck Depth .76" at First Fret and .83" at Twelfth Fret

24 Jumbo Frets

Ebony Fingerboard with Dot Inlays and 12" to 16" Compound Radius

Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Pickup (Neck) and Seymour Duncan Full Shred Pickup (Bridge)

Gotoh 510 2-Point Vibrato Bridge with Tremol-No Trem Stopper

Alder Body with Red Sparkle Finish

Weight 8 lb 0 oz

Original Hard Shell Case with Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Serial Number UC210196


Year : 2024
Model : Custom Shop DK24 HH GT
Finish : Red Sparkle
Case : Original Hard Shell Case
Weight : 8 lb 0 oz
Condition : Brand New