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A brand new Eddie Wang Quantum Zen amplfier.  We love these fantastic amps and they are made right here in Portland, OR, USA!   Check out the cool features and specifications shown below.

Wattage:  15 Watts

Power Tubes: 2 x EL84 Tubes

Speaker:  Amperian Revolution 65 Ceramic 12" Speaker.


The Quantum Zen is a completely new ground up design featuring an EF86 preamp tube in a unique configuration that maximizes its potential with none of the microphonic or noise issues that plagued older designs. This preamp tube allows for extended bandwidth, sweeter harmonics, and a natural compression that makes your notes sing out, all with even more clarity than most "traditional" designs.

A pair of EL84 power tubes drives the power section, but don't worry - this isn't a "Brit" amp. The EL84s are tuned to give you anything from "Brit" to "American" tones if you want, but really it's something new to paint your own unique voice.

All Eddie Wang Instruments amplifiers feature a wattage control that works by controlling the internal voltages where they need to be, and not where they shouldn't. The Quantum Zen can go from 15 watts all the way down to 1/4 watt. Since this circuit is not in the signal path, tone and touch sensitivity are unaffected.

The tone controls have been redesigned to fit the needs of today's players. Unlike most traditional designs, the tone controls are usable through the entire range. Turn the Bottom knob all the way down for the tightest overdrive ever heard in a low wattage amp. Turn it all the way up to fatten the thinnest of single coils or for room filling big cleans.

Unlike most treble controls, the Top control on the Quantum Zen won't suppress those wonderful tube harmonics. Turn it all the way down for fat jazzy tones, or all the way up for a biting tone that will cut through any band situation.

Finally, the Charm switch gives you either tight or full bass. In the down position, it gives fat humbuckers more "charm" by enhancing clarity in the low end. In the up position, it gives bright single coils more "charm" by fattening their tone.

Paired up with the unrivaled quality of Soursound transformers, custom designed.

The Amperian Revolution 65 is an exceptional speaker that has solid and tight lows, detailed mids, and a sweet chime-y top end with shimmery highs. This speaker is probably the more versatile of the two options. It has some similarities to a Celestion G12H Anniversary, but with a higher quality build, sweeter mids, and a more detailed yet warmer sound.


Year : 2022
Model : Quantum Zen
Condition : Brand New