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For your consideration a New Electro-Harmonix Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator! Defiantly a modern classic! The Nano POG is one of the best octave pedals on the market. Great sound, tracking and easy to use! Octave pedals have become a staple of the guitar players idiom. You'll often hear an upper octave on solos (Jack White, Tom Morrello, etc.). They're a great way to add a bass line to a loop. Dialed in correctly they can make a mean faux organ! Just three knobs Level of your dry sound, Level for your upper octave and level for your lower octave! Two outputs, one for just the dry signal and on for the wet signal. This is super useful for recording. Awesome pedal! For some it will be a staple on their pedal board for others it will be a great tool to pull out when needed! 

From EHX:
The smallest member of the polyphonic POG clan provides impeccable tracking and sound. Separate level controls for dry, sub octave and octave up plus an extra Dry out and silent footswitching provide the perfect formula for this compact jewel.

- Super, space saving design
- Tracks chords, sweeps or single notes with no hitches or glitches
- Great 12-string guitar sound or turn your guitar into a bass
- Amazing organ-like sounds
- Adjustable original pitch volume, one octave up volume and one octave down volume
- Dry output jack in addition to the effect output jack
- Silent footswitching and road worthy die-cast package
- EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply included
- Current Draw: 25mA @ 9VDC
- Dimensions in inches: 2.75(w) x 4.5(l) x 2(h)
- Dimensions in mm: 70(w) x 115(l) x 51(h)