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Up for sale is a New Soldano SLO-30 Super Lead Overdrive Head Custom Color in Orange Tolex.

Soldano’s SLO-30 Super Lead Overdrive packs the fabled SLO-100’s tone and features into a studio-friendly, 30-watt package. Far more than a mere high-gain tube amplifier head (although it excels at that), this fire-breather’s cascading-gain preamp design churns out a thick, juicy sizzle that lends itself to everything from whiskey-soaked electric blues to red-hot jazz fusion to tooth-rattling metal. What’s more, the Super Lead Overdrive’s dynamic sensitivity is on a par with any boutique-voiced amp that dares to challenge it. There’s plenty of tone-shaping onboard this 30-watt, 2-channel amp head, plus independent preamp gain and master volume controls for achieving harmonic saturation at bedroom-friendly sound levels. You also get a tube-buffered effects loop for your pedals, while a variable slave output enables effortless DI-ing. Beyond that, a rotary impedance selector allows you to pair the SLO-30 with a multitude of speaker cabinets. Soldano’s Super Lead Overdrive is built from top-shelf, military-grade components for the ultimate in durability. Countless world-class guitarists swear by the Super Lead Overdrive. Now, thanks to the SLO-30, you can experience that sound for yourself. And you can do it without violating noise ordinances.


Finish : Orange
Model : SLO-100 Super Lead Overdrive Head
Year : New
Modifications : None
Condition : New