Located in Portland



Introducing Artemis!

The Artemis represents a reimagining of one of the oldest, most prominent families of effects: Filter pedals. Featuring a 2-pole state-variable design with high-pass, band-pass, and low-pass outputs and enhanced modulation and mixing capabilities, the Artemis is a new vector to expand your sonic horizons. A host of animation possibilities from conventional to bizarre await you via the 7-mode modulation bus. From there, Artemis offers the unique ability to access each filter response individually or in tandem, presenting an unparalleled level of custom tone shaping ability. Plug in to an Artemis and explore a distant shore of your creative Sea of Tranquility.

Modulation Modes:

Envelope up

Envelope down

LFO - Triangle Wave

LFO - Ramp Up Wave

LFO - Ramp Down Wave

LFO - Random Wave


Filter Features:

Simultaneous HP, BP, and LP output

Notch filter and custom filter responses possible for phased and vibe-like tones

Up to 10dB of boost per output, with infinite cut

15Hz-5kHz corner frequency range

Modulation may be disabled for use as a 3 band EQ

Additional control via external expression pedal or CV

Hand-wired and built in Portland, Oregon, the Artemis features true-bypass relay switching with a soft-touch footswitch. On top of the cast-aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light. This pedal is built to last a lifetime, both on Earth or in the vacuum of space.

Input Voltage: 9v - 24v DC (center negative)
Engaged Current Draw: 72mA