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A brand new Warm Audio Warm Bender Fuzz pedal.  Delicious vintage fuzz tones.  


From rolled-down wooly tweed tones all the way to riff-worthy growl and grit, the Warm Audio Warm Bender delivers the ultimate Tone Bender-style fuzz experience in one pedal. The Warm Audio Warm Bender features three dedicated, selectable circuits that accurately deliver two of the most iconic Germanium Tone Bender fuzz tones plus a bonus, modern silicon circuit. Many legendary guitar tracks by artists like Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, and more were crafted using the two most popular versions of the iconic British Bender fuzz sound. The debate rages over which Bender fuzz tone is most legendary, but why choose one when you can have both on your board?

Why choose one classic Tone Bender when you can have three? Choose between the NOS 76 (1X OC76 & 1X SFT337 transistors) setting for the “early” Bender tones with cutting highs, clear presence and drive that cleans up beautifully. For legendary riff-worthy fuzz with added bass response, the NOS 75 (3X OC75 transistors) setting delivers that Mark II Professional-style Bender fuzz tone. To hear the Bender sound with a tighter low and top end response, smooth distortion-like tone, use the 3-transistor topology Silicon setting. The added SAG control starves the voltage to create that “dying battery” tone with added touch-sensitivity and compression. Warm Bender is made with 100% through-hole construction using NOS Germanium transistors and every pedal is hand inspected and tested at Warm Audio HQ in Austin Texas by real musicians and engineers with a passion for superior sound.

As a true-bypass, through-hole, NOS Germanium fuzz pedal, it’s recommended that Warm Bender is first in the chain if you are going to use other pedals for interesting textures and tones. This is especially crucial with buffered-bypass pedals. Even a basic tuner in front of vintage-style fuzz can make things wonky!


Year : 2024
Model : Warm Bender Fuzz Pedal
Case : Original Box
Condition : Brand New