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A used Greer Mini Chief amp head in Excellent condition.  Beautifully antiqued black finish with a Nitro top coat.  This amp will surprise you with its tone and flexibility.  Punches way above its weight class.

Power:  3 Watts from 1x EL84 Power Tube

Speaker:  None.  4, 8, AND 16 Ohm Speaker Jacks.


The Mini Chief is a 3 watt beast of an amp. After many requests for a small format amplifier that could be used at home, in the studio, and even at small gigs, we decided to produce the Mini Chief. The Mini Chief features Mercury Magnetics transformers and is handwired using terminal strips. The stock tube compliment is 1x12AX7 and 1xEL84, cathode biased. Producing 3 beautiful watts, this amp excels at touch sensitivity. 


Year : Used
Model : Mini Chief
Finish : Antiqued Black
Condition : Excellent