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Freshly set up in-house by our esteemed Guitar Tech, this Michael Propsom OM is dialed in and ready to make beautiful music.  Bright but well balanced sound.  Cedar top.  Beautifully figured Sapele back and sides.  In Very Good condition with modest signs of having been played and one glued & cleated top crack.  Comes with Deluxe Ameritage hard shell case.  See below for more details and specifications.

Propsom studied and apprenticed with famous builder Bozo Podunavac before beginning his luthiery career.


I number, among my customers, the late John Fahey and Ryan Waters, guitarist for Sade and Liv Warfield.

Early in my career as an instrument builder and repairman I came to realize that structural integrity does not have to be sacrificed for responsiveness and tonal quality. I’ve seen so many guitars with deformed tops and premature need for neck resets. In most cases the problem was structural; the instrument had been built too lightly to withstand the constant stresses to which it was constantly subjected.

My construction process incorporates several practices (learned during my study and employment under master luthier Podunavac) to insure my guitars withstand said stresses. First, I build strongly where necessary. Upon handling one of my guitars, you’ll notice that it’s heavier than most other guitars. My tops and backs start out thicker than most others. Also, my sides consist of two “veneers” laminated together, which results in an extremely rigid rim of approximately .115-.120”. In addition, my upper transverse brace and X-are more substantial than the typical steel string guitar. And, to counteract the torque of string tension which results in top deformation, both the X and transverse braces are arched. To perhaps oversimplify, a domed roof is stronger than a flat one.

How can such a sturdily built instrument produce such a pleasing sound? Simply put, strength where needed, flexibility where needed. Although I build the upper bout area so strongly, the lower bout—where the majority of sound originates—is very responsive. The lower tone bars and ‘finger’ braces taper down to nothing rather than lock into the sides or X brace, I fabricate my bridge patch the same way. I also thin the perimeter of both top and back in the lower bout area until, through flexing, tapping and humming into the soundhole I’m satisfied with both the tone and sustain. This combination of brace ‘tuning’ and doming result in an extremely responsive instrument of great structural integrity.

The Orchestra Model is based on the body style of the traditional Martin OM, but with my modified version of Bozo Podunavac's tapered top bracing pattern. A great fingerstyle instrument.


Gold Schaller Tuners with Ebony Buttons

1 3/4" Bone Nut

Mahogany Neck with 25.4" Scale Length

Neck Depth .82" at First Fret and .92" at Eleventh Fret

20 Medium Frets in Excellent Condition

Ebony Fingerboard with 17" Radius

Added K&K Pure Mini Pickup System Installed

Ebony Bridge with Compensated Bone Nut

Indian Rosewood Bridgeplate

Cedar Top with Qulited Sapele Back & Sides in Gloss Natural Finish

Arched X-Bracing

Weight 5 lb 2 oz

Deluxe Ameritage Hard Shell Case

No Serial Number


Year : Recent
Model : OM/C Acoustic Guitar
Finish : Gloss Natural
Case : Deluxe Ameritage Hard Shell Case
Weight : 5 lb 2 oz
Condition : Very Good